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Different Molecular Pathways of Exercise Training, Resveratrol Intake or Combining Training and Resveratrol Intake in Old Rat Heart

 Jia-Ping Wu, Chih-Yang Huang, Paulus S. Wang

Adaptive Medicine 8(2): 71-79, 2016

The picture Indicates prospective different aging related function decline and apoptosis signaling modulation for exercise training treated, resveratrol intake, and combining exercise plus resveratrol intake, since the TUNEL positive cells in aged rat heart and Integrative cell apoptosis and aging- related function decline signaling based on the animal model.


A Role of Preload Variability in Quantifying Cardiac Repolarization Reserve in Baseline

Valerie Y.H. van Weperen, Marc A. Vos, and Marcel A.G. van der Heyden*

Adaptive Medicine 8(3): 107-111, 2016

Chronic, complete atrioventricular block (CAVB) dog model.
Electrocardiograms of the second lead (II) and monophasic action poten-tials of the left ventricle (LVMAP) before and upon administration of dofetilide in the AAVB and the CAVB dog model. The CAVB dog, but not the AAVB dog, appears to be inducible as it develops episodes of TdP following the dofetilide challenge.


The Third Joint Annual Conference of Health Science
(Asia forum on Dietetics and Health Science-Bridging Research and Practice & The Eighth Symposium on Hypoxia and Metabolism across the Strait &The Twelfth Chiang Shou-Teh Symposium)


September 23-24, 2017

Veterans General Hospital & Tunghai University

Taichung , Taiwan

Abstract submission deadline: August  10

Advance registration deadline: September 20  



The Second Joint Annual Conference of Health Science (International Symposium of Reproduction andMetabolism